7. PEAR production of modified oligos

The 42st International Symposium on Nucleic Acids Chemistry

Sep. 23, 2015, Hyogo, Japan

6. 生物信息学与核酸生物制药

2015-06-16 信阳师范学院生命科学学院

5. DNA Amplification Using Tool Enzymes from Extreme Thermophilic Bacterium.pptx

2011-10-13: Ocean University of China

4. PEAR and its applications.ppt 9.8 MB

Nucleic Acids Enzymes and Enzymes in Human Disease (NAEEHD)

Jun 20, 2011, NanKai University, TianJin

3. Accurate reconstruction of molecular phylogenies for proteins

The molecular clock has two hands.ppt 14.6 MB

2011-05-09: Ocean University of China

2. DNA Plus Pro for evolutionary analysis of virus genome.pptx 4.4 MB

2010-12-02, Shandong eye institute

1. PEAR production of oligonucleotides and its application in gene therapy.pptx 7.9 MB

2010-11-05, Qingdao Miniciple Hospital



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