Cluster introduction

I. PC Cluster

The PC cluster for bioinformatics at College of Life Science, Ocean University of China (OUC-BIT), including a server and 50 terminal PCs. The server consists:

  • Two fat nodes (each has four 8-core CPU, 1 TB shared memory), 2.0 TFlops each;
  • One 12-node blade servers (each has four 4-core CPU, 32GB memory), 7.373 TFlops;
  • A 4-nodes rack server (each has four 4-core CPU, 96GB memory)
  • A ParaStor200 Distribution Parallel Storage  file server (288 TB)
  • All nodes are connected by 56Gbps FDR InfinitBand.

The operation system is the Linux Server (latest version) with most commonly-used environment, compliers and bioinformatics tools installed.

Figure 1: Structure of the OUC-BIT PC CLUSTER

II. Windows terminal software for accessing the PC Cluster

(1) putty

(2) fssh53b23

List of Software Installed:


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