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Basic Operations




2.1  Software Interfaces

The main interface of CAUSA at starting up is shown in Figure 2-1.


Figure 2-1 Main Interface of CAUSA

The main interface is divided into three areas:

  1. Menu
  2. Tool Bar
  3. Sequence datasheet
  4. Status Bar

2.2 Menus /Tools

2.2.1 File Menu /Tool

Figure 2-2 File Menu

Load DNA Sequences: Load a .fasta file which contains at least three coding DNA sequences (CDSs). The sequences must be protein coding DNA sequences (mRNA/cDNA/CDS/ORF), start from the start codon, and ending at the stop codon;

 Open: open aligned sequence (.Combined Alignment.fasta)

Export: Export a .Combined Alignment to a .DNA Alignment and a .Protein Alignment.

Import:  Import a .DNA Alignment or a .Protein Alignment aligned by other alignment tools, and convert them into a combined alignment.

Note: import function is not available in the trial version.

Close: close the current project.

·Exit: Close the software.


Figure 2-3 Export CAUSA project to Combined, DNA or protein alignment


Figure 2-4 Import DNA or protein alignment to a CAUSA project

2.2.2 Align Menu /Tool

Figure 2-5 Alignment Menu

Align sequences: Using CLUSTALW to align the combined sequences, display the result in three views: respectively DNA, protein and combined views.

2.2.3  Help Menu/Tool

Help Menu/Tool: Display this help document.

About Menu: Show a dialog which display authors, version, website and update Information.


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