Laboratory of Molecular&Computational Biology, College of Life Sciences, Ocean University of China.

Research interests and works:

We are interested mainly in Nucleic Acid therapeutics,  Molecular Genetics, Molecular Evolution, Genomics, Bioinformatics and Computational Biology.

  1. Nucleic Acid therapeutics: we developed a novel nucleic acid amplification technology, Polymerase-Endonuclease Amplification Reaction (PEAR), for the large-scale preparation of modified oligonucleotides, potentially useful for the mass production of nucleic acid medcine.
  2. Molecular Genetics and Evolution: recently, we found that frameshift homologs, including frameshift orthologs and frameshift paralogs, are widespread within a genome and across species. We discovered the shiftability of the protein coding genes, which suggested that the genetic code was optimized for frameshift tolerating, so that protein coding gene has an ability to tolerate frameshift mutations.
  3. Genomics, Bioinformatics and Computational Biology: we do genomics and bioinformatics data analysis on genome sequences. And we developped a novel computational algorithms, Codon and Amino acid Unified Sequence Alignment (CAUSA), and a set of user-friendly computer programs for molecular evolutionary analysis, which revealled some novel mechanisms for molecular evolution, such as codon splitting, codon fusion and InDel-induced partial frameshifting.

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